About Studio Immaginario

About Child PsychologyWelcome to Studio Immaginario where our Childrens imaginations rule our worlds. If you have children with special traits and deal with unique circumstances daily, this blog may be of interest to you. We are here to share our first hand experiences raising our four children in a fast paced environment and that can often times be over stimulating to a developing brain. Our children are healthy, have 10 toes, 10 fingers, and all of their senses. We are fortunate and are thankful for that. There are also some unique learning challenges, obsessive behaviors, emotional meltdowns, and general chaos that presents itself everyday. This is our journal, to vent, to share, and to create a platform where others with similar in-home situations can come and realize they are not alone in this journey. Raising kids is a tough job, having kids with unique personality traits can make it even more complicated. You are not alone, please find comfort in knowing that another family is experiencing their own day to day difficulties raising kids that need extra attention. Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy our stories.