My Childs Detailed Behavior

My Childs Attention To Detail Is Borderline Obsessive

attention to detailWhen my child was 2 years old he would stack his legos and Jenga blocks in perfect uniform rows. I really didn’t think anything of it at the time, I was really impressed that his attention span allowed him to do something so redundant over and over again. This behavior continued as he grew with his shoes, balls, and Pokemon cards. His obsession with his Pokemon cards began to trouble me when he would remove them from his card collecting folder and re-organize them day after day. He would organize by color, by creature type, and in order of most liked cards. When he was 4 and we would play ball in the back yard he would line all the wiffle balls up in a single file line so that I could pitch them to him in order. After I would pitch all of the balls he would run around the yard gathering them, then return to my feet where he would spend up to 5 minutes perfectly aligning the balls so that I could pitch them to him in the order he wanted them pitched. They were all white balls, but somewhere in his imagination he created distinct differences between them that he was able to re-identify as he collected them over and over again. When he turned 5 he really began to like dancing. He would watch Youtube videos of people dancing, he would watch dancing with the stars, and would have imaginary dance offs with made up competition. The focus he would have while performing his dance offs was almost as if he were in a trance. The music would come on and he would just zone out to it and create dance performances on the fly. He is very theatrical and seems to be a natural performer, his attention to detail may help him excel in these arts beyond an interest and into a career. I have done my best to nourish these creative inspirations and hope that he feels the love and encouragement. I have a feeling when he starts school his focus may not be as detailed on the books as it is with activities. He is a hands on boy that likes to be doing something always and has no patience to sit. We were in the driveway washing the car last weekend and of course he was out there helping. I gave him the task of detailing the tires and rims since that is the easiest place for him to reach and there isn’t any paint to scratch. That boy polished those rims like they have never been polished before, every spec of break dust was cleaned out of the rims and they sparkled like new. I figured I would let him vacuum the interior of the car next, handing him a hose and letting him crawl around in the back seat and on the floors of the car seemed a lot easier than me doing it. He must have spent a half hour cleaning out every little crevice in that car, between the seats, in the glove box, arm rest, door panels, vents, floor, seats, and dashboard. We got the phone out and searched for DIY tips on interior detailing. We found some cool videos and blog threads that gave us some great ideas for window and upholstery cleaning. We both watched the videos once and I didn’t have to tell him another word, he grabbed the cleaning supplies and replicated what he had seen in the video to a T! Obsessing over the details is a good thing I guess, it could definitely be worse. I just hope that when school starts he can channel that energy into something super productive and turn into something fun rather than something that causes him stress or mental illness.